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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

May 21, 2023

In this episode Hannah (Accredited Sports Dietitian) speaks with All Bodies dietitian, Grace Ingram about fuelling adolescent athletes. 

This episode is the second in our series of 2 for fuelling & training for young athletes. We follow on from last episode's discussion with Aaron Whitecross on training & programming for adolescent athletes. 





In this episode we discuss: 

00.10.3 - Introduction

01:36.0 - Meet Grace and why she is our go-to for adolescent athletes enquiring at All Bodies

01:58.1 - What are the physiological changes occuring in teen years?

02.20.9 - Physical changes that occur in teen years

04:26.3 - Physiological and emotional changes that occur in teen years

05:06.1 - How do we know whether we are getting our nutrition right

05:18.1 - Energy demands

06:08.6 - Protein requirements

07:03.8 - Carb requirements

08:29.1 - Fat requirements

08:49.1 - Micronutrient requirements

11:38.6 - Priorities when working with teen athletes

13:40.9 - Common nutrition issues for adolescent athletes and low energy availability

17:45.6 - Should teen athletes use supplements or ergogenic aids