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Money Smarts for Kids

May 19, 2023

In this bite-sized episode, we discuss the benefits of creating a budget. 


  • Emmy Alvarez
  • Karina Kastelic


To learn more about budgeting, check out these free Money Matters classes offered by Young Americans Bank:

  • Basic Budgeting teaches second through fourth graders about needs and wants, and basic budgeting concepts. Participants will play a back-to-school shopping game to reinforce their learning, and will also have the opportunity to practice creating their own budget.

  • Beyond Basic Budgeting guides eighth through twelfth graders through the concepts of budgeting and scarcity, introduce them to the ideas of basic payroll taxes, and provide them with the opportunity to practice creating a real-world budget.

::  At Young Americans Center for Financial Education, our goal is that youth grow up knowing how to earn, make, and manage their money wisely, regardless of background. We teach money smarts for kids, and money skills for life. Learn more at  ::