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Jun 11, 2023

Kelvin Andrews continues to explore UK music and style tribes with a one-hour special episode.

Includes fantastic contributions from 

Nancy Noise, Norman Jay, Sheryl Garrett,  Mark Moore, Greg Wilson, Bill Brewster, and more. 

Jun 9, 2023

Episode 1 of Subculture Snapshot: In this series, Kelvin Andrews examines the classic period of UK subcultures from 1970-81 via first-hand experiences from those who lived it.

From Skinheads and Northern Soulies through to Punks, New Romantics, and Funkateers.

Features contributions from: Bill Brewster, Jay Strongman,...

Jan 8, 2023

In Episode 2: Andrews offers a cultural perspective on how David Bowie influenced his legion of loyal followers known as The Bowie-ites.

With contributions from: Dr. Will Brooker, Bernie Connor, George Vjestica, Scarlett Cannon, and more.

Jan 8, 2023

In Episode 1: Kelvin Andrews explores the early years and influences of David Bowie. From Bromley to Ziggy via Little Richard, Quatermass, and New York City.

This is Bowie and Beyond, with contributions from Woody Woodmansey, Kris Needs, Tony Zanetta, and Carole Blundred.