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Daily Dose of Dana

Feb 28, 2023

Mean comments, negative reviews, keyboard warriers....

It's NOT easy to see other people's negative words about you ESPECIALLY when you know that your goal and intention was to be kind..

So, what now?

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Feb 27, 2023

This morning, Rachel Hollis spoke on her ex husband's death and it brought me to tears.

Is it ok to create content around someone else's tragedy??? 

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Feb 23, 2023

Let's finally talk about what we all WANT to talk about - BRAVO! And Peacock, LOL...

I talk Vanderpump Rules, Summer House and my new absolute FAVE, Real Housewives of Miami


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Feb 22, 2023

Jeff Lewis is PISSED at celebrity account Deuxmoi.

Don Lemon was back on air this morning and left a lot to be desired.


Thank you SO much for the subscribes and ratings and reviews!! XOXOX

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Feb 21, 2023

My experience casting children for Disney  / Nickelodeon comes up with the tragic news of Jansen Pannetiere's (Hayden's brother) passing.

I talk Jenette McCurdy, Zendaya and Jenna Ortega, plus Tiktok family content (blehhhh)

Hear about my story auditioning for McDonalds at 5 and what a sh*#show that was.

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