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Daily Dose of Dana

Apr 28, 2023

HAPPY FRIDAY DOSERS!!!! Join Lance and I for our first ever live stream! We talk Scandoval, Vanderpump Rules, Marriage and so much more!

Make sure to listen to our recap and thoughts!


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Apr 27, 2023

HAPPY THURSDAY, DOSERS!! Today I am joined by my dear friend Kate Casey from the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey to talk all things reality and of course, Vanderpump Rules.

Does Raquel still think she's in a pageant?

Does Satchel always wear socks at the beach?

Are Lala and James secretly in love?

Make sure to...

Apr 26, 2023

Happy Wednesday, Dosers!!

Today we are covering a few fun topics:

Sandoval speaks out about Raquel in a Mental Health Facility 

Some former Love is Blind stars have come to the Lachey's defense

Ramona and Avery Singer have a podcast - listen for my thoughts!

Meghan Trainor needs to just ... um.... filter herself??


Apr 26, 2023

It's Tuesday, April 25 and I have all kinds of fun stories for you!

The RHOC of trailer has been making us wait for ... MONTHS. And what we got was a big nothing burger!

Summer House is a really good show to put you to sleep!

Love is Blind may be making some changes!

Matthew McConaughey is hanging out with...

Apr 24, 2023

Hey, Dosers! Kind of a crazy story to be talking about here on a Monday but if the Rachel and Dave Hollis story has kept you in a chokehold for the last few years, you will be shocked to hear this as well. 

Plus, some other news about Len Goodman (DWTS) death, and goodbye Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon...