Cruise Radio
  • The show must go on for cruise lines, whether the CDC likes it or not.
  • If Nassau, Bahamas or Bermuda isn't your cup of tea, you can head further south.  
  • Some positive news from the White House regarding the future of travel in general. 
  • More summer cruise for UK cruisers.
  • It was touch and go for an American river cruise ship late last week
  • A close call for a Disney Cruise Line and the Victory casino ship. 
Q:  Long-time listener here wondering IF the cruise ship restrictions voted on in Key West stay in place (not overturned by Florida's legislature) can any of the major cruise line ships call on Key West? I know the mega-ships are out, but how about some of the older classes of ships? — Brian
Q: Hi. Last week Shery mentioned Europe land/cruising. In 2022, we are looking to spend a couple of months in Europe. Is it better to start in the north or the south? - Di 


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