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We compare and contract cruise vacations to all-inclusive resorts. What is the difference between the two? How are they similar? We get a full over of everything from the stay, dining, excursions, and the overall experience itself. 

Sherry Laskin has cruise news

  • Two more Royal Caribbean ships open up for US Bookings
  • A cruise industry trade group starts a campaign to restart cruising 
  • Florida's governor met with cruise line executives down in your neck of the woods on Friday 
  • Carnival made a bold statement at last week's meeting with government officials, stating they are "America's Cruise Line"
  • More ships flock to the UK for a restart 
  • The future does not look bright for the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

Listener Question: Cynical question but inquiring minds want to know. I'm a nurse in the northeast and an avid cruiser, what's stopping people from saying they have the vaccination and they really haven't? Will the cruise lines be checking against a national database? Seems like anyone could get their hands on the vax card. - Shirley   

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