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A review of Carnival Cruise Line's ship Carnival Panorama. This was a seven-night cruise from Long Beach, California down to the Mexican Riviera. 

Staff writer Richard Simms has cruise news: 

Topic 1: Passenger Falling Overboard: A passenger on Mariner of the Seas fell off the ship while trying to take a selfie. The crew was able to rescue her after 45 minutes.

Topic 2: Carnival Corporation's Financial Success: Carnival Corporation announced during its quarterly report that they are making money again and have seen a record number of bookings. They currently have $72 billion worth of deposits for future cruises.

Topic 3: Port Miami Accident: An accident involving a 30-foot boat hitting a ferry boat caused Port Miami to be shut down, impacting about 30,000 cruise passengers. Three ships were waiting at sea to enter port, causing a chaotic situation.

Topic 4: Conversion of Jazz Clubs into Non-Smoking Casinos" Explanation of the conversion of jazz clubs on Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, and Allure of the Seas into non-smoking casinos.

Topic 5: Celebrity Cruises to Visit Perfect Day at CocoCay: Announcement that Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Beyond will sail out of Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades to visit Perfect Day at CocoCay starting in the summer of 2024.

Carnival Panorama review 

Boarding the Carnival Panorama. Angie discusses their experience of boarding the Carnival Panorama, including the check-in process and the organization of the terminal.

First Impressions of the Carnival Panorama: Angie shares their initial thoughts on the Carnival Panorama, describing its fresh look, bright colors, and unique digital screen in the central atrium.

Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom: Angie describes their deluxe ocean view stateroom, highlighting its spaciousness, additional sofa, and the surprise of having two bathrooms. Discussion about cabin space, luggage storage, and availability of USB plugs.

Review of the buffet options on the ship, limited dinner offerings, and alternative casual dining options.

Experience with the main dining room, use of the Hub app for reservations, and overall satisfaction with the food.

Ship Crowds and Ocean Plaza Description: Angie discusses the crowded areas on the ship, mainly the Ocean Plaza venue and the small pools on Lido deck. 

Smoking in the Casino: Angie talks about the casino's smoking policy and the balcony cabins above the smoking area.

Exploring Puerto Vallarta Description: Angie shares their experience exploring Puerto Vallarta, including visiting art galleries, walking along the Malecon, and visiting the cathedral.

Late Night Departures. Discussion about the departure times of the itinerary, explicitly mentioning Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.

Whale Watching in Cabo. Describing a whale watching tour taken in Cabo, including the option to book through Carnival or with local vendors.

Facial Recognition and Disembarkation. Talking about using facial recognition during embarkation and disembarkation, as well as the process of getting off the ship and organizing luggage.

Discussion about trying different cruise lines and the motivation behind it.

Description of the Carnival Panorama ship and its comfortable spaces.

Conclusion of the interview with Angie about her first-time sailing experience with Carnival Cruise Line.

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