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Jason Leppert is the editor-in-chief of and just returned from a seven-night sailing about Celebrity Solstice, a Celebrity Cruises ship that was launched in August 2008 and does seasonal sailing in Alaska. She is currently the largest ship sailing the Alaskan waters. Jason gives us a comprehensive bow to stern review of Celebrity Solstice, the themed Top Chef cruise he was sailing and what it's like living the Celebrity life.

Listener Questions

1. Lauren W. - East TN

We are first time cruisers and would like to know how to pick out our cabin? There are WAAAAAY to many options out there. Any suggestions for a good starting point? 

2. GeeWhiz_ on Twitter
Might go on Holland America New England/Canada cruise next year. Should we go in September or October?

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Loyal Cruiser is a consumer facing company dedicated to ensuring the cruise passenger is rewarded for their travel. This simple centralized loyalty program for cruisers is straightforward and easy to understand. We talk to the CEO of, Baron Forbes, to learn all about the company.

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