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Welcome to Of Dice and Them! Join Jack, Ralph, Lou, Tove and Bambi, in their new TTRPG actual play podcast, as they laugh in each other’s faces and try to get through a session where no one beefs it. Contains frustrated swearing, light-hearted DM bullying, and far too much owl-based combat. Download wherever you get your podcasts!

Jun 11, 2023

Live from the Birmingham NEC, it’s Of Dice and Them! Our heroes are joined by special guest Paul Foxcroft of Questing Time in a particularly nonsensical and D&D-lite adventure, even for them.

Special thanks to Paul (@paulfoxcroft) for guesting and making the show particularly difficult for Jack, and to the wonderful...

Jun 4, 2023

Due to a tactical error by parties who shall remain nameless, our heroes are in for their toughest fight yet. Gus casts some spells, Light gets lost, Lyosha takes a dive, and Gladstone’s really in it now.

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