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Media, Culture, and Why we feel like crying so much

Jan 26, 2023

Stories about military personnel or armed conflict are everywhere in our entertainment media from video games to Top Gun to Masterchef. How do media shape the ways we interpret the armed forces?


Media, Culture, & Why we feel like crying so much is a podcast about media in daily life with Stefanie Chae and Grant Lattanzi. In each episode, we use media theory to make sense of our everyday media habits, practices, and experiences. Dialogue with us on Instagram @mediacultureandwhypod.

About the hosts:

Stefanie Chae is a media researcher and pop culture enthusiast, encouraging people to think critically about the media they’re engaging with daily 

Grant Lattanzi is a qualitative researcher and independent scholar interested in how people make meaning in, alongside, and through media.

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Watch the Masterchef episode we talked about in today’s episode: