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The Children's Book Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

Monique Gray Smith and Nicole Neidhardt share WHEN WE ARE KIND. This book is a beautiful rumination on what it feels like when we are kind and when someone or something is kind to us. Monique talks about kindness as a salve and the relationality and connection we have to one another and to the earth comes across powerfully and, in moments, disarmingly as Nicole brings representation of all types of families and family structures throughout the art. It’s a centering of diversity and the vibrancy of Native communities as they exist in the here and now and it’s a book that I think will deeply, deeply resonate with any reader, no matter the age. Get a copy of this book and support independent bookstores (and this podcast) by visiting our BookShop Store. Support us on Patreon at or on Paypal at --- Send in a voice message: