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The Children's Book Podcast

May 6, 2018

Hey there, podcast listeners. Today, May 5th, some news was brought to my attention that relates to a recent episode of The Children’s Book Podcast. Author Junot Diaz faces sexual conduct allegations and an overwhelming number of women shared their own testimonies through the #metoo hashtag over the past 24 hours. Junot Diaz was featured on a recent episode of the podcast along with illustrator Leo Espinosa for ISLANDBORN, a picture book the did together. I have since removed that episode from the archive and updated the blog post promoting the episode to include this message. I, Matthew Winner, and The Children’s Book Podcast will not support the works of individuals accused of misogynistic acts, sexual predation, or any other offense against women. That behavior is intolerable and individuals recently or historically exhibiting that behavior are not welcome here.   I welcome you to listen to my conversations with some exceptional Latina authors and illustrators, including Juana Martinez Neal, Monica Brown, Margarita Engle and Emma Otheguy.   Thank you. --- Send in a voice message: