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The Children's Book Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

Ryan Andrews (@HeyRyanA) shares THIS WAS OUR PACT, a graphic novel about a band of friends determined to see where the lanterns end up after being sent down the river by the folks in their town as part of the Equinox Festival. There’s a legend that they turn into stars, but no one has actually ever followed them to see. Where the river and these lanterns lead Ben and Nathaniel is beyond anything you could ever dream. I found Ryan’s story to be moving and wondrous and beautiful. It’s by far one of the best graphic novels I’ve read, both in it’s fantastical story arc and also in Ryan’s command of color in telling the story. In short, I cannot wait for you and for all readers to experience this story. You can access even more information about this book and its author by visiting Thank you to this week's sponsor: The Complete Picture Book Submissions System And to the generous support from our Patrons. --- Send in a voice message: