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The Children's Book Podcast

Aug 31, 2019

Theresa Thorn (@theresathorn) and Noah Grigni join to share IT FEELS GOOD TO BE YOURSELF: A BOOK ABOUT GENDER IDENTITY. There are more conversations about gender going on than perhaps ever before, but there are also lots and lots of adults and kids alike who are not quite sure exactly how to talk about gender. In Theresa and Noah’s debut picture book, readers meet four different children who each identify differently from one another in terms of gender. The narrator introduces each child by sharing how that child identifies now and how that may have changed, then the narrator provides language to help describe each of these varying gender identities. As we discuss in the conversation, the narrator is that of a guide and onlooker with us, the readers, but the narrator also uses lots of non-definitive language in order to help communicate the fluidity and varied nature of gender identity.  Theresa puts it best when she says, “We all have a sense of gender that belongs to us”. I hope that you, dear listener, find that there is space for you in this conversation as well. And for your students, your friends, and your family members. You can access even more information about this book and its author by visiting Thank you to this week's sponsors: Storyteller Academy And to the generous support from our Patrons. --- Send in a voice message: