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The Children's Book Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

Traci Sorell and Madelyn Goodnight share POWWOW DAY, an uplifting, contemporary Native American story about a girl named River, who is recovering from illness and can't dance at the powwow this year. 


BOOK DESCRIPTION: Powwow Day by Traci Sorell, illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight

Page Length: 32 pages

Ages 8 to 8, Grades P to 3

In this uplifting, contemporary Native American story, River is recovering from illness and can't dance at the powwow this year. Will she ever dance again?

River wants so badly to dance at powwow day as she does every year. Follow River's journey from feeling isolated after an illness to learning the healing power of community.

Additional information explains the history and functions of powwows, which are commonplace across the United States and Canada and are open to both Native Americans and non-Native visitors. 



(4:55) “There's so much to see and do. The sights and smells. So much good food. So much great dancing and music. [Powwow is] just such a beautiful event that lasts all day that really helps you connect with that heritage and that culture and become immersed in it. ” 

(5:12)  “For myself, being at a powwow is a sensory overload sometimes because there are wonderful smells from the food, and the sound of the drum, the laughter, the singing. I am overwhelmed visually by all the different regalia that everyone's wearing and all of the just gorgeous colors. And you know that so many people's families and friends have taken time to put that regalia together. So it's just visually so beautiful.”

(7:17)  “Everyone is welcome at the powwow.”

(11:58) “All of us at various times have to ask for help or have to take time out from things that we wanna do, that we love to do. And other people care for us, right? And love us and pray for us, and, um, help us through those things. ”

(20:52) “You all have so many stories inside you and I can't wait to experience what you're gonna share with the world. So please, please share your stories with us. ” 

(21:03) “I think Powwow Day and powwows in general about are all about celebration, celebration of heritage and culture and the things you like to do and dance, so I would encourage everybody to read Powwow Day and learn about powwows, but also just do something to celebrate yourself and celebrate your own culture and something you like to do. And, um, dancing is always a good way to do it.”





  1. What is a powwow? Can anyone participate in a powwow? What are some of sensory details (things you might see, hear, smell, touch) that Traci and Madelyn shared?
  2. Can you think of a time when you or someone in your family wore special clothes for an event? (baptism, wedding, powwow, bar or bat mitzvah, Eid al-Fitr, etc.) What were you (and others) celebrating? How did it feel to wear these special clothes?
  3. Have you ever missed out on something that you were anticipating or looking forward to? Share your memory with someone near you. What happened? What emotions did you feel at the time? How did things turn out?



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