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The Children's Book Podcast

Jan 26, 2018

Dear readers, listeners, and friends, For over two years, our team has celebrated great children’s books and their creators by building what we hope has been a trusted resource for parents, teachers, and librarians. The website has been a labor of love, but in light of shifting demands on our time and energy, we've made the difficult decision to end the project. Therefore, on February 1, 2018, All The Wonders will publish its final post.  Please note, this does not affect our podcasts: All The Wonders, Picturebooking, and Books Between will immediately resume production at new homes (see below). Behind the scenes, All The Wonders has been like a family. Our team is made up of authors and illustrators, most of whom are also working parents. We are teachers, librarians, and media professionals. We are activists and volunteers. In many ways, the world shifted on its axis this past year, and so too did our individual lives. We were forced to reflect on how we spend our time and consider where our energy might best serve our families, our communities, and ourselves. We are so thankful to the amazing group of people who donated their time to this cause—our past and present team, contributors, and bookmakers—and are grateful to you, our audience. Thank you for appreciating the importance of delivering beautiful, meaningful, and diverse books into the hands of children. And thank you for trusting us as a conduit. We have appreciated every moment.  Please note that and its current content will remain online in perpetuity so that it may continue to serve as a resource for the books and artists already celebrated. For future podcast episodes, please visit: All The Wonders (rebranded: The Children’s Book Podcast with Mathew Winner): Picturebooking: Books Between: And now we say goodbye—not forever, but to this particular chapter in our team’s shared pursuit of making great content for children. We have much work yet to do. Please keep in touch.  For a complete list of our current team members and their personal websites, please see our about page here. Keep reading. Keep sharing. Keep creating. Love and respect, Blake and Matthew Co-Founders --- Send in a voice message: