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The Children's Book Podcast

Apr 23, 2019

Linda Sue Park (@LindaSuePark), Newbery Medal-winning author of A SINGLE SHARD shares her new picture book, GONDRA’S TREASURE. The story centers on a dragon whose mom’s family comes from the West and while dad’s family comes from the East. Gondra, like many children, is curious and open to her world and everything in it. She finds strength in all facets of her mixed race family and what I found reading the story was a strength in the definition of family, itself. Which is to say that this story has everything to do with belonging, ancestry, asking big questions, and discovering how you tell the story of your family. You can access even more information about this book and its author and illustrator by visiting Thank you to this week's sponsors: Artwalks Bharat Babies Highlights Foundation Storyteller Academy  And to the generous support from our Patrons. --- Send in a voice message: