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The Children's Book Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

Kids are full of wonder. They effortlessly ask questions about why things are as they are.They delight in seeing something new. They make new connections with what they’re learning, or connections with their classmates, or connections with their thoughts and ideas that help push the world around them to be bigger and bigger.

Kids deserve better than we can give them. But that should not stop any one of us from trying. On today’s retrospective episode, we’re looking at why making things for kids is so hard and so important. The Children’s Book Podcast is changing its focus in order to adopt a more classroom-ready format so that it can serve readers more directly and more fully.

Matthew lays out his tenets for making things for kids as we prepare to launch the new iteration of the show.



DISCLAIMER: affiliate links provided for any book titles mentioned in the episode. support independent book stores and also shares a small percentage of any sales made through this podcast back to me, which helps to fund production of this show.

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