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Dec 15, 2013

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro
  • What About Pod Promo
  • On the Libsyn Blog
  • Beats & Eats Promo
  • Podcasting in the News
  • Fire on the Mound Promo
  • Chris Hache from The Voices of Canadian Leadership
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation
    • The Recap 2!
    • Windows 8 Network App (The Podcast Source)
    • Libsyn 4 has been released
    • No, you can’t publish audio files to youtube (re OnPublish to YouTube)
    • Google Voice message from Yolande from the Talking Heels Podcast
    • Correction regarding FTP information shared in last episode
    • Updating the new user agent numbers
    • How do we create the different podcast artwork images for The Feed
    • Can you read a book on your show in your podcast?
    • Is your show getting repeatedly rejected from iTunes?
    • When is the best time to publish your podcast episode
    • The Filmon issue

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