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Mid-Century Modernism with Monique

Oct 24, 2023

Monique invites you to a fun episode recorded at the Eichler Home Tour VIP party just outside the San Mateo Highlands. She interviews eight passionate Eichler home owners and enthusiasts, who share their love for these iconic mid-century modern homes. They explain what makes Eichler homes special and you'll hear from the organizers who've made this event a reality.


Not only is the Eichler Home tour an exciting exploration of 12 Eichler homes, but it's also for a good cause. All proceeds from the tour benefit the Highlands Elementary School PTA, making it an event that brings modernists from across the country together and gives back to the community. Enjoy this unique peek into the world of Eichler homes and the community of people that cherish them.


“We all come together and celebrate the classic Joe Eichler lifestyle of high style, low budget, and a truth to its’ historic preservation” - Drury

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