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Mid-Century Modernism with Monique

Aug 16, 2023

Monique chats with the brilliant Alan Hess, an architect, historian, and author of 21 books on Modernism. In this episode, they explore Frank Lloyd Wright's impact on modern architecture, along with the intriguing world of "Googie" design and the way they were able to bring ordinary life into the realm of these mid-century modern designs. 


They also touch on architectural legends like Oscar Niemeyer, Alan Bray, Jack Hillmer, and Donald Wexler, along with Alan Hess's preservation efforts, including a surprising McDonald's Drive Thru. Tune in as he shares about his book ‘Forgotten Modern’ and the passion for preserving these iconic spaces that define midcentury modernism.


“For the price of a hamburger and a piece of pie, the average person at a Googy coffee shop could participate in that modern life” - Alan

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Googie Modern: Architectural Drawings of Armet Davis Newlove 


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