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Mid-Century Modernism with Monique

Jul 4, 2023

Monique is joined by Greg Kelly, founder and president of Modbox USA, to talk about his journey in the world of midcentury modernism. They discuss Greg's frustration with the lack of available products and how it led to the birth of Modbox USA through his quest for the perfect mailbox, and the support he received from the MCM community to bring his vision to life. They also touch on Modbox's expansion beyond mailboxes and Greg's exciting collaboration with Atomic Ranch on a curb appeal contest. He has been featured in renowned magazines such as Dwell, Atomic Ranch, Palm Springs Style, and Adore Homes Magazine.


“There was a point in the 60’s where my parents bought some furniture that was very mid-century, and it just had such a cool look and vibe about it; that’s when we kicked in on the mid-century phase… it just spoke to us” - Greg

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