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Mid-Century Modernism with Monique

Jun 20, 2023

Monique welcomes her friend and the incredibly talented interior designer, Melinda Mandell, to today's episode. Having been featured on the pages of esteemed publications like San Francisco Cottages & Gardens, Modern Luxury Silicon Valley, California Home + Design, Melinda brings a wealth of expertise and creativity that will inspire you to express yourself in your own home. They discuss Melinda's knack for seamlessly merging different styles and eras in her home designs along with her family ties to Eichler and how the love for this architectural style runs deep in her bloodline. Tune in as they attempt to uncover the difference between modern, mid-century modern, and contemporary aesthetic, and discover some of the secrets behind Melinda's seamless style and design blending.


“Our homes are such a place for us to be able to experiment and to express our own personality and express our own perspective of the world… Why can’t a lot of these things go together?” - Melinda

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