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Mid-Century Modernism with Monique

May 17, 2023

Monique is joined by Paul Adamson, a San Francisco-based architect, writer, educator, and preservation advocate. Join them as they explore his journey into architecture, his family's artistic legacy, and the lessons on sustainability found in Eichler homes. Discover the passion and advocacy that drives Paul's work, while unraveling the influences of his architectural heroes and mentors. 


“Where is more important to have good work than in a dwelling: this is the background for ones life... and having a great circumstance, even if it’s modest in scale, to live in when you’re growing up can be the foundation of a beautiful life” - Paul

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Worthen Foundation

AIASF Design Competition

AIASF - Shape Your City


Eichler: Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream By Paul Adamson