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Mid-Century Modernism with Monique

May 2, 2023

Monique sits down with Rob Keil, Art Director and author of two books, to discuss his journey into midcentury modernism.  They delve into his book "Little Boxes: The Architecture of a Classic Midcentury Suburb", his interest in midcentury modernism through Henry Doelger, and how he's made it his mission to preserve and showcase the iconic midcentury modern style. They also discuss his childhood fascination with magazine advertising dating back to the 1920’s, leading to his friendship with Art Fitzpatrick and ultimately resulting in his other book encapsulating Fitzpatrick and Kaufman's work. Tune in to learn more about Rob's journey into midcentury modernism!


“There was something about just pulling this artifact out of the wall, and realizing there was a purpose and a story behind this house and I just thought, I really have to get into this” - Rob


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