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Mid-Century Modernism with Monique

Jun 27, 2023

Monique sits down with the talented architect, Stanley Saitowitz. From his early years growing up in South Africa, Saitowitz shares his deep love for architecture that ignited during his youth. They delve into his bold and larger-than-life designs, highlighting a few extraordinary house and building creations and the intriguing blend of nature and architecture that defines his work. Saitowitz's extensive expertise shines through as he discusses his work as an author, his teaching experiences at renowned institutions, and his insights on the future of architecture. Tune in to this episode for a dose of inspiration and valuable insights as he helps shape the future of aspiring architects.



“I used to watch these buildings being built and from that I started getting interested in this process of making things appear out of nothing… it was kind of a magical sort of activity” - Stanley


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