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Money Stuff With Moms

Jan 20, 2023

Who are we? Why do we do what we do? Get to know Lindsay and Meghan in all their glory.


Black is the New Red: THE place to have Canadian money conversations! 


Who is primarily responsible for managing the finances in your household? Do you keep separate bank accounts? What works well for you, and why?


Go talk to someone about MONEY. If you don’t like your family, friends, or neighbors today, talk to a pro, or jump into Lindsay’s 9000+ member group for Canadian money conversation. 


TL:DR Version Ep 1 - Intro: 

  • Lindsay & Meghan host the Money Stuff with Moms podcast because they fully understand the #MomLife AND the importance of #adulting. They bring you no fluff, jargon-free (and hilarious) conversations about money to give you quick wins while you’re sitting on the sidelines of your kid’s ball game. 
  • These no-nonsense Moms are seasoned professionals in the finance industry who will be the first to tell you that seasoned professionals are NOT always right. The thing about personal finances is that they’re PERSONAL! As Meghan would say, it’s a beautifully annoying cliche. 
  • Meghan is a Certified Financial Planner with an HBcomm finance degree, but her real super power is being able to translate all the technical jargon into step-by-step REAL talk. 
  • Lindsay is an Accredited Financial Counselor with a STRONG opinion that Moms are SUPERHUMAN. They’ve got the brains to conquer whatever they put their mind to, but let’s be real, with everything on their plates… they gotta ration their bandwidth and be choosy about where they spend their time and energy. 
  • Money Stuff for Moms was created to bridge the gap between the super technical in depth financial literature and clipping coupons to save a buck. We know that Moms want more than Pinterest hacks, but don’t have time to analyze the complexities of the IFRS9. Moms work too dang hard to feel like they’re living paycheque to paycheque. 
  • It’s an IMPOSSIBLE expectation to think that one person can be responsible for their tiny human’s daily routine, household chores, family fun day planning,  vet appointment, scheduling home maintenance, attending the parent teacher conference, pruning the garden, visiting your mom, going to work…. AND be an expert in managing account structures, budgeting, and investing. Moms can do ANYTHING… but they cannot do EVERYTHING. Meghan and Lindsay are here to help.
  • Both Lindsay and Meghan have noticed that over the past couple of decades, there has been a pendulum swing when it comes to who is managing the day to day finances in the household. If we go back in time to Lindsay & Meghan’s grandparents' prime, it was almost always the man who paid the bills, kept track of the insurance policies, and had the mortgage details ironed out. Today, women are wearing the “Chief Financial Officer” caps in their homes. Why is that?
  • “F THE PATRIARCHY!!!!!” is one idea. (We joke, but is there truth to women asserting their financial independence by ensuring they have a strong grasp on their family’s financial situation?) 
  • Maybe women are just better at it. Organization and multi-tasking are stereotypical PINK strengths. And since there are SO many more things to remember this day in age, maybe men just feel better about their spouses dealing with it. (Back in the day, you had one paycheque, which you had to walk to your physical bank to cash, and you paid your handful of bills. Today, we have a bazillion options for banking, investing, and insurance. We have side hustles on top of our regular 9-5’s. And let’s not even talk about the list of bills (how many subscription services do YOU have, Mama?) 
  • How do things work in your household? Who does the majority of the financial chores? Do you have separate bank accounts? What works well for you, and why? Your input to the conversation has incredible VALUE… because when we can all DO BETTER if we KNOW BETTER. Share your knowledge! 
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