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Fringe by PeopleForward Network

Mar 1, 2023

Outspoken, authentic leaders are our jam at PeopleForward Network. There’s nothing better than people who challenge the status quo for the greater good and push others to innovate, and that’s a pretty great description of what they’re doing on the Chad & Cheese Podcast. Listen in as we feature episodes from their show but be warned, they are the world’s most dangerous HR podcast.

In this episode, Natalie Monbiot, the Head of Strategy at Hour One, joins Chad & Cheese to discuss a wide array of topics, including tech, chatbots, and conversational A.I. Natalie is an emerging tech and communications buff and is passionate about using A.I. to create a more human experience. Listen in to hear how she keeps up with the endlessly-updating tech world and what we can expect from virtual humans being incorporated into human resources.

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