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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Jan 2, 2024

New year, new season... Des and Kara are back for more in 2024!

This is a fun one with the perfect mix of behind-the-scenes intel and the usual off-the-rails banter for which these two are known. Since no one else is talking about it yet, Des and Kara start the year with an episode to get you hyped about the competition at the upcoming US Marathon Trials. Plus, you get answers to these pressing questions...

  • Are objects in the camera really as large as they appear or is Des's face just tiny either way?
  • What's Des's resolution for 2024 and how is she already trying to circumvent it with Kara as an accomplice?
  • How are the marathon trials different from other races?
  • Is the course preview trip worth it or not?
  • Who made Kara think "f**k" to herself in the 2016 Trials in LA?
  • What's it like making the podium vs. getting the dreaded 4th place spot?
  • Why is this the deepest women's field ever?
  • What race strategy tips does Des have for the men?

February 3rd can't get here soon enough...

To get tickets for the live recording in Boston on April 12th, go here: