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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Jan 16, 2024

Apollo 13 may have had a problem, but the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon DOES NOT. What a freaking amazing race with so many implications for the Olympic Marathon Trials!

Des was on the call in the booth, and Kara was following along from home. In this episode, they recap it all, discussing the men's and women's races for both distances. 

This race had a little bit of everything with a smokin' time from a late entrant, a new American record in the half, the first L in history for Father Time, plus a number of Olympic qualifying ramifications. Houston is flat and fast, and the race always delivers.

Des and Kara also discuss why an athlete might choose to do a race like this in the build-up to the Trials and what it might mean (or not) for their preparation. Plus, we get an update on Des's training and why she chose to be in the booth vs. on the start line for this one.

Stay until the end for the first-ever Olipop top 5 with a juicy, double teaser from Kara about fun things to come. Pop an Olipop and enjoy!