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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Oct 13, 2023

What's better? Sex or two Nobody Asked Us episodes in 4 days?!? It's a trick question because the correct answer is listening to this new episode while munching on a Nerds rope.

This episode starts by going a little off the rails but quickly gets back on track as Kara leads Des through a conversation about her record-setting weekend. There's also bonus coverage of Kara's 5K race on Saturday and her successful spectating duties on Sunday.

You will hear about the controversial KitKat at the press conference, pancakes in a wine room, Rivers on his best behavior, the athlete who held up the elite bus, Des doing math in the final miles, and her mindset from start to finish line with just 12 seconds to spare. 

Plus at the end, Kara and Des react to the mind-blowing performances at the front of the race and give you breaking news about the NYC Marathon.

Are you ready for this?!? We aren't sure, but here goes nothing...