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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Jan 30, 2024

Des and Kara have two very special guests join this episode to talk about what it's like to play the sidekick role for an Olympic Trials race. Mr. Des Linden (aka Ryan) and Mr. Kara Goucher (aka Adam) break it all down and talk about what it's like to support in training, what it's like on the sidelines, and then how to manage the aftermath in victory and defeat.

There's lots of interesting intel in this one including which Mister is the stress-eater of the two, who is chill vs. a *little* more high-strung, why Des may never retire (hint: dirty dishes might be involved), and who might be crying vs. napping as their version of support!

Listen until the end for a crazy @drinkolipop top 5 and for the scoop about an upcoming and very-very-soon, special-edition episode.