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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Dec 6, 2023

A very special guest joins the podcast this week as Mary Kate Shea sits in with Des and Kara. Mary Kate (aka MK) is the Director of Professional Athletes and Technical Support for the Boston Athletic Association (aka the BAA) and personal friend of Des.

Before giving details on the episode itself, it'll be important for you, if you haven't already, to find the viral video that Kara mentions at the start of the podcast. It may or may not be posted on Kara's social media and will show you the proper way to exit a party. The legend of Des Linden only keeps growing...

From there, the episode takes a bunch of twists and turns starting with a proper discussion of the merits of cross country as an Olympic sport and then shifting to everything you never thought you needed to know about recruiting elites to the Boston Marathon and the rules and regs of elite bottle support. Seriously, the process behind fueling elites on-course in the major marathons is surprisingly fascinating. You will never watch a marathon in the same way again.

You will also learn that MK is awesome and that we couldn't possibly have a better person curating the Boston elite field for us. Thanks to MK for joining the podcast and for hosting Des on her trip to watch the most boring football game ever played!