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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Aug 1, 2023

No... we aren't talking about petty criticism about pets, but rather pets as the perfect antidote for petty criticism while in the public eye. Des and Kara start by commiserating over what it's like to face public criticism and how it's evolved both pre and post social media. They recap their first memories of being affected by such criticism and talk about their various coping strategies through the years, including the potential satisfaction of watching their follower counts drop after an especially controversial post. Who could possible get mad about a bird with a backpack anyway?!?

Then, they turn their attention to the best possible coping mechanism - time with their pets. Des talks about her two dogs including new puppy Rivers, and Kara shares her love affair with her four pets - two dogs and two cats. If you aren't a pet lover, then this episode might not be for you. Don't be too mad though... not everything has to be about you anyway ;).