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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

May 1, 2024

Yes, it's been a long fortnight since the last Nobody Asked Us episode, but Taylor needed the space and so did we. 

This episode starts innocently enough with an off-the-rails intro and then Des and Kara reveal the clandestine use of four contest words in past episodes. Kara illicitly tried to throw you off on the last one, but one lucky winner still figured it out. Thus, this episode brings two new words if you are ready to play their little game. 

Before they dig into Boston and wish London "farewell," they give their freshy fresh thoughts on THE new double album, including the torturous decision of choosing a podium from the 31 songs.

In the running world, we must ask ourselves was (the Trials in) Florida the drug or was it Boston after all? Plus, Des and Kara answer... "How could Hellen Obiri occupy such rare air?" and "Why didn't Sisay Lemma self-implode after taking it out so early?" and "What are the implications for the Kenya marathon team and who will be the odd man out?"

The two then w̶a̶d̶e̶ cannonball into the great uniform debate with answers that might surprise you. And don't you worry folks, no one is taking out Des's teeth.

This one wraps with another "Underbird" segment presented by Oiselle, and of course, an Olipop Top 5 talking about books, bourbon, and boys. There are no touchdowns necessary; the alchemy between Des and Kara is real!

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  • Participate in the word contest by posting your picks for this week's two secret words on YouTube or Instagram. Winners might have a chance to pick the next two secret words!