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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Jun 11, 2024

Prosecutors and YouTube subscribers take note: Des and Kara allegedly recorded this episode in the same hoodies that they would wear to conceal their identities during a future crime. If you are watching the security cam video, Des is the one in the "nice" hoodie. What would be their crime you ask??? I don't know... maybe they could steal the job of the World Athletics marketing director?! Now, that's a crime they could pull off flawlessly... I'm not sure about any other ;). 

Speaking of justice, this episode is all about that. Des and Kara talk about justice for Lashinda Demus who will finally receive her rightful gold medal in Paris. Her silver from 2012 was "upgraded," and now she has to pay her own way to get the medal that was  hers all along. Kara gives Lashinda advice from her medal-upgrade experience and explains how it is so much different than you would hope for athletes in this situation.

They also talk about justice for Leonard Korir who DOES get to toe the line in Paris in the marathon after all, with World Athletics opening up additional spots for those ranked highly enough. Go Lenny (and Conner and Clayton)!

Then, they move on to establish motive for their future crimes by discussing the recently announced "innovation" in the works from World Athletics. New long jump rules, new javelin and shot put weights, the 1-mile steeple, a 4 x 100m mixed relay, and of course, the "Ultimate" World Championships that we've been missing all this time. That marketing director better watch out. 

Don't worry... the episode ends on a positive note with a new "comeback" segment from Lever Movement, discussion of the Brooks PR Invitational coming up this week, and an extended Olipop Top 5 that does this episode justice...

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