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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Feb 13, 2024

Des and Kara got the message. You like it when they are a little bit tipsy... ok, maybe a lot tipsy. In this episode, you will learn that they questioned whether or not to post the last one because of the drinks involved. (Editor's note: you're welcome.) You will also learn what happened at the bar after they finished recording (hint: D, d's, and DD's).

Then in this redux on Orlando, you get their additional, sober takes on the races. And, don't worry... there are a few, semi-unhinged moments in this one too. They talk about Jessica McClain potentially catching Dakotah, play armchair QB on Zach's aggressive strategy, cover what made the men's finish so bizarre, and provide insight into the challenges of the heat, balancing preparation, and choosing a race strategy. Plus, they give their reaction on one (terrible) idea for changing the selection process.

Bonus content inside: Des's drive back to Michigan with an interesting overnight stop. Kara's next goal. New Balance Indoor Games. A huge whereabouts suspension. The best (?) top 5 ever!