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Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara

Feb 27, 2024

Calling all track nerds to reach in and grab a topic of your choosing. From indoor racing to Olympic standards and field sizes to the new long jump rules, there is something in here for any track nerd (or aspiring track nerd) in your life. 

We think track is fun, but even if you don't, there is STILL plenty of fun to be had. Kara accidentally shares her high school crush in Freudian slip #1 of the episode (hint: think basketball not running), and Des shares her thoughts about who might really be in charge at USATF with Freudian slip #2 of the episode. Plus, they cover this study on sports bras that might have you reaching for a looser one, regardless of how huge your.... rib cage... might be.

Stay for the end for a new twist on the top 5, where this time they share their top 5 pet peeves (both literally and figuratively). Happy Des and Kara Tuesday everyone!