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The Viall Files

Nov 11, 2019

Today Nick’s sister Maria Viall, a board certified holistic nutritionist, joins us to answer fan questions! She opens about being a 6’2” woman who was called “big” growing up and shares her wellness tips. Then we talk to a woman who doesn’t like her sloppy boyfriend, someone who wants her partner to join her...

Oct 21, 2019

Today’s Ask Nick starts with an update from past callers! Then we talk to a pastor who divorced her pastor husband, a guy who keeps getting stood up by online dates, a girl who fell for her trainer, and someone whose friend is dating a loser. 

Keep those antennas up, people! Send your questions...

Sep 2, 2019

It’s time for another Ask Nick! Nick and Sug answer questions from fans about sex and relationships. They talk to a “ten-percenter” who is hung up on checking boxes, an emotional-cheater, a woman who doesn’t know how to ask for a threesome, and a someone whose father-in-law is making her life hell.