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The Viall Files

Jan 18, 2021

Today on Ask Nick we start with a woman who is trying to get over her relationship after she jumped into it super quick thinking it was her person, and now thinking he is a narcissist who took her for a ride. Second our caller was in a toxic relationship where she was putting up with behavior she should not be dealing with but also is being irrational in not listening to what her boyfriend is clearly telling her because of a fear of being alone. Next we speak with someone who is questioning getting engaged because she can’t figure out what the one thing is that keeps holding her back. Lastly we speak with a girl who felt rejected by someone she started to date and now that he is single again, and reaching out to her, she does not know if she should re-engage with him. She shares with us her texts so that Nick can better understand the situation hearing both sides of the conversation. 

“ Its not hard for people to act like they are dating… what’s acting like we’re dating, its hanging out with someone while sex is on the table “

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