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The Viall Files

Jan 25, 2021

Nick is back to answer all of your relationship questions and on todays episode we start off with a question we get a lot when it comes to masturbation. Our first caller is concerned after walking in on her boyfriend masturbating while on vacation when she had just offered him oral sex. Second we speak to a women who is not into communicating on Snapchat with the person she is dating. She is ready to move the conversation from sexting to texting and to get this potential relationship off the ground. After the death of her partner our next caller is struggling with sex and dating. The person she finds the most comfort with sexually is the best friend of her partner that passed and navigating this friends with benefits situation has her confused with all the emotions surrounding it. Lastly we speak with someone who’s politics no longer align with that of her family or where she grew up. Family Facebook political posts have started to strain all of their relationships because of their opposing outlooks. 

“Being passive aggressive while calling him weird is not being direct.“

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