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The Viall Files

May 24, 2021

On today's episode of Ask Nick we start with a caller who is a virgin at 33 years old and, after experiencing trauma, is super cautious about dating. Nick helps her come to a realization about her fear of saying 'no' and how that is affecting her life. Next, we speak with someone who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder and her anxiety causes her to talk herself down in situations and makes it so she is unable to trust her instincts when it comes to dating. Our third caller just got married and her husband has 2 children with 2 different exes. She is finding it hard dealing with the emotions that comes with her new role was a step-mom and understanding the appropriate boundaries in the these relationships. Our last caller is dealing with the her first situationship; she tried to define the relationship with her guy thinking that he was going to be on the same page and, to her surprise, he was not. 

“That’s a red flag if he gets weirded out by labels.”

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