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The Viall Files

May 31, 2021

On today's episode of Ask Nick we start with a guy who wants to know how much effort is too much effort to put into a girl that he likes (hoping that Bachelor Nation’s Ashley and Jared’s story is more the rule than the exception.) Next, we speak with a woman who’s swinging lifestyle with her husband has led her to a couple that is polyamorous and she finds herself with emotions attached where she did not expect them to be. Our third caller met someone randomly, started dating him, came to find out he is the step brother of a guy she used to date, and now doesn’t know how to share this info with her new guy. Last, we speak to someone who is having problems with her girlfriends, and is fighting some jealously issues she has, wondering why her friends are leaving her out. 

“Jealousy does not equal love and you have confused that…”

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