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The Viall Files

Jul 26, 2021

On today's episode of Ask Nick we start with talking about cheating. Our first caller’s boyfriend cheated on her with his ex who is still in their friend group. She forgave him but she is around this ex on a regular basis and is finding it hard to not have anxiety about the situation. Next, we speak to someone who considers herself to be the D.U.F.F. (designated ugly fat friend) in her friend group and is finding it hard when they are out together because she does not get acknowledged by guys when her friends are there. Third, we speak with someone who has defined a relationship after 5 months of dating but the lack of communication is a struggle and she is questioning whether or not they are being fully honest with each other about what they want. Lastly, we speak about healing and love-bombing in an on-and-off again relationship, when speaking about past relationships and trauma brings jealously into a relationship that our caller keeps trying to sustain on technicalities. 

“The only thing that you are doing wrong is ignoring yourself.”

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