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The Viall Files

Oct 25, 2021

Today on Ask Nick, we start with someone who after getting into a polyamorous relationship with a married couple, attempts to navigate the relationship and build it into something beautiful and healthy. Next, we talk to a caller who is trying to help her single friend after a string of bad relationships. The caller attempts to help her friend who questions their self-worth for not being in a serious relationship and how to help her realize that the problem isn’t her. The next caller is trying to decide if they should reconnect with a friend they’d ghosted in the past, after discovering that the friend had been diagnosed with cancer. Our last caller talks to Nick about filling the in-between steps with a guy that they are seeing, having trouble knowing where to go and how to set a pace with someone they genuinely like. 

“No one is envious of someone who feels sorry for themselves.” 

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