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The Viall Files

Jul 20, 2022

Welcome back to The Viall Files, Going Deeper edition! Today we are joined by star of The One That Got Away, Jeff Perla. On this episode we welcome on Jeff to dive into his experience on the show, get the tea on who he left the show with, and how the producers dug up people from his past. We also talk about if it’s worth it to explore missed connections, the contestants Jeff loved and hated the most on the show, and doing body shots for a dollar at brunch. We also talk about coming out when you’re an adult, and how sometimes reopening a connection can bring a lot of emotional weight. We also dive into some pop culture topics such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting married after years of being apart, Chris Evans announcing that he’s ready for love and will be putting all his energy into it, and the Tristan Thompson -Khloe Kardashian situation with people commenting on her dating choices. We then welcome on TWO Texting Office Hours Callers. Our first caller wants to formulate a text to help find a reason for her to travel to see a guy that lives far away from her. Knowing that they’ve hit it off in the past, she learns to be direct and learn that it’s better to ask for what you want rather than chase. Our next caller wonders what to do when someone she’s been hooking up with begins to ask very strange personal questions regarding her and the future. Now she wonders if she should play the game and send a semi-snarky text or move on from this hookup. 

“Don’t chase a man during Summer.”

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