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The Viall Files

Jul 25, 2022

We are back with another episode of Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition!  Again we welcome you, our listeners, to give you advice on all your relationships and situationship in the crazy world of dating, friends, and family. Our first caller struggles to maintain relationships with her family because of her mother’s extreme mental health issues. After overhearing a conversation, she wonders how to process and deal with a parent’s frustration and how to draw the lines between being accepting of a situation and also having boundaries and respect for herself. Our next caller wonders how to manage a Type-A guy she’s dating that can only get dates with him when he pencils her into his busy schedule. Now with questions about a mysterious exclusive rock climbing club he’s in, and the fact that they’ve only dated for four months, she wonders if it’s best to just move on. Our last caller is placed in the middle of family drama when her mom wants the caller to uninvite her aunt from her wedding. Now, she wonders how to set boundaries with her mother without hurting her relationship. 

“If it feels weird, it probably is.”

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