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The Viall Files

Jul 26, 2022

Welcome back to The Viall Files: Bachelorette Recap Edition! Today we are back with another episode, joined again today by New York Times Bestselling Author, Podcaster, and mental health advocate, Allison Raskin! On this episode we kick things off by getting the latest in Bach Nation news; talking about Nayte’s recent big move to Los Angeles and becoming roommates with Rodney, a recent paparazzi photoshoot of Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze in NYC, plus Nick’s worst paparazzi moments. We then dive into recapping the episode itself! We talk about how Gabby and Rachel are handling getting both devotion and rejection from the guys, how every season challenges your insecurities, and how to manage when half the guys are not there for you. We talk about how Mario blew his chance by exploring too much, how some of the guys may flip teams from one lead to the other, and how it’s a miracle Hayden is still in the game after a rough night. We also dive into Gabby breaking the mold of surface level fairytales by getting real about not having the love of her mom, and on the other hand, how some people are finding “deep” connections over the fact that their fathers would drive them to the airport. 

“Getting clarity isn't the end of the world.”

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