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The Viall Files

Jul 27, 2022

Welcome back to The Viall Files, Going Deeper edition! Today we are joined by Actress and  Musician Hayley Orrantia. You’ll recognize her from The Goldbergs! On this episode we dive deep with our guest talking about what it’s like to be on one show for almost a decade, how the LA karaoke scene is like nothing else, and how relationships that ended poorly aren’t a waste of time. We then talk about how Hayley and her fiancé bonded over dating sociopaths, how forcing yourself to deal with heartbreak is better than ignoring it, and continuing to learn about the person you’re dating even after the honeymoon phase ends. We also cover the Emily Ratajkowski cheating scandal and dive in to present the narrative of why people cheat and why the person cheated on should never feel at fault. We also talk about the Rejection Challenge, why exposing yourself to “no” can make you a more dynamic person, and the controversy with Drake airdropping a picture he took of a woman to her. We then welcome on two Texting Office Hours callers! Our first caller wonders what to do after being ghosted after an amazing first date. She asks how to cut through the noise and learn that this “perfect guy” may actually be a f*ckboy hiding in plain sight. Our next caller wants help in drafting a text to respond to a guy she feels treated her poorly by constantly not making her a priority. Now she has to learn that she shouldn’t be focusing on making a guy from her past feel bad when she’s already happy in a relationship. 

“He’s not even pretending to be a f*ckboy!”

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